WARM-ing up to save money

The program may be known as WARM, but it’s keeping electric bills for the residents of Penns Common Court in Reading, Pa., cool.

The WARM program is administered by Med-Ed to help qualifying residents who have low income reduce their electric bills in the winter and summer months. Residents participating in WARM receive an in-home energy usage evaluation to determine what improvements can be made to save on energy costs. A trained energy educator works with residents to develop an energy-savings plan and recommends energy-efficient home improvements, such as upgrades to attic and/or wall insulation, repairs to caulking and weather-stripping, replacements for refrigerators, freezers and air conditioning units and new energy-saving light bulbs. There is no charge to the residents for the installation or services. 

At Penns Common, a Met-Ed contractor met with residents qualifying for WARM to test their refrigerators for energy efficiency. After the inspection, 31 residents received new energy-efficient refrigerators that will ultimately save $100 a year on their electric bills.

“The residents are very excited and extremely grateful,” said Penns Common Property Manager Laura Wasylak. “Not only are they saving money, but they are also receiving a brand new appliance which is very valuable to them.”

This was the first year Penns Common participated in WARM, but Wasylak anticipates residents will sign up again in the future.

To learn more about Penns Common Court or HDC MidAtlantic, visit hdcweb.com.

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