June 1, 2020 

Like many across America, we at HDC MidAtlantic are outraged by the death of George Floyd, and the persistent systemic racism leading many to see people of color as potential threats rather than neighbors. Floyd’s killing was not only horrific in itself, it represents once again the dehumanizing reality of racism and the depth of oppression permeating many aspects of daily life for people of color. 

HDC MidAtlantic has made advancing racial equity, diversity and inclusion a central goal of our organization, in order to do everything we can to break down barriers to affordable housing. We have committed to organization-wide training on equity, diversity and inclusion and committed to applying this lens to all policies and procedures, hiring and human resource practices, and vendor and partner relationships.  

Given these commitments, we understand the anger, trauma, and despair leading millions of Americans to take to the streets in protest in recent days. And we support peaceful, nonviolent protest of unjust social and economic systems. 

We call on elected officials at every level of government to do everything in your power to advance racial equity and inclusion in our communities, and most importantly to enact policies that generate increased economic opportunity and equity for everyone.  

HDC envisions a world where a safe, affordable and welcoming place to call home is open to everyone. This vision cannot become a reality until America fully comes to terms with its legacy of systemic racism. Dismantling the racism that leads to the kind of unjust violence we have witnessed, not just last week but over and over, takes every one of us stepping up to do better. HDC is committed to this, and we look forward to partnering with residents, neighbors, and leaders in every community we serve to advance equity and justice for everyone. 

Dana Hanchin, President and CEO

Steve J. Geisenberger, Chair, Board of Directors

About HDC MidAtlantic 

HDC MidAtlantic envisions a world where a safe, welcoming, affordable place to call home is open to everyone. We believe home shouldn’t be an impossible dream, it should be an attainable reality: we believe housing is a human right. We are resident advocates, trusted developers, property managers, community partners, and collaborators. We are part of the fabric of our towns and cities, and have been working with our neighbors since 1971 to create real change and meaningful connections. As champions of the greater good, we open the door to opportunities and build homes that we can all be proud of.  

HDC owns and/or manages over 3,700 apartments, providing housing that is safe and affordable to those with lower incomes, focusing on seniors, families, and individuals living with disabilities. Serving over 5,000 residents in 58 communities located in urban, suburban and rural areas across Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland, HDC builds hope and opportunity for all residents to reach their full potential by creating, preserving, and strengthening affordable housing communities.