HDC MidAtlantic’s Real Estate Development services focus on:

  • Managing on-time and on-budget new construction with a focus on renewable energy
  • Preserving historic or troubled properties through acquisitions and rehabilitation
  • Capitalizing on multiple financing sources

Through adaptive re-use of obsolete buildings, property rehabilitation and new construction, HDC MidAtlantic works with communities to fulfill their development objectives. Strong support from lending institutions as well as public private investors has allowed HDC MidAtlantic to pursue this purpose aggressively.

Our real estate development team approaches each project with the understanding that HDC MidAtlantic will be involved in the preservation of ownership. With that in mind, decisions on design and products are made with attention to long-term maintenance and operational efficiency.

At HDC MidAtlantic, our real estate development team coordinates numerous processes converting ideas from paper into real property including acquisition, the renovation and potential re-leasing of existing buildings to the purchase of land, and the development of new buildings or improvements on the land and sale of improved land to others.

Our expertise includes:

  • Low Income Housing Tax Credits Bond Deals
  • Portfolio Acquisitions

In addition, HDC MidAtlantic works with communities and partners including:

  • Elected Officials & City Planners
  • Redevelopment & Housing Authorities
  • State Housing Finance Agencies
  • Architects, Engineers & Contractors
  • For Profit & Nonprofit Developers

Through imaginative problem solving, hard work, and a commitment to excellence, we create and maintain housing that is both attractive and affordable.

For more information, contact Director of Business Development Ed Kaminski at 717-291-1911 or ekaminski@hdcweb.com.