Resident Services

HDC MidAtlantic Resident Services

  • Strengthen the mental, physical, financial and emotional health of our residents and communities
  • Trained Resident Services Coordinators advocate and connect residents to resources
  • Contributes to self-sufficiency and long-term stability for our residents

Our Resident Services Department provides access to information and services to encourage growth, independence and stability in our communities.

Part of HDC MidAtlantic’s corporate philosophy is based on the premise that it is our responsibility to improve the lives of our residents. To this end, we have developed an extensive Resident Services Program.

Trained Resident Services Coordinators serve as advocates for residents.  They connect residents with resources, provide guidance, and coordinate activities and educational programs to strengthen the mental, physical, financial and emotional health of our residents.  HDC MidAtlantic’s

Resident Services are free of charge to residents and assistance is completely voluntary.

Resident Services focuses on five key areas designed to meet the needs of residents:

  • Employment and Education
  • Financial Capability
  • Health and Wellness
  • Social Capital
  • Stable Housing

Resident Services Coordinators also offer residents recreational and social activities to enhance residents’ relationships with management, their neighbors and their communities.

HDC MidAtlantic believes strong Resident Services contributes to long-term stability for our residents. Our efforts are designed to increase self-sufficiency, improve living conditions, create healthy communities, and support youth by helping caretakers provide stable homes.

For more information, contact Deborah Gable, Resident Services Manager, at